Eykamp String Quartet preforms for Rotarians

Evansville Rotarians enjoyed a wonderful, moving performance by the Eykamp String Quartet at Tuesday’s first ever, virtual holiday luncheon. Caren Whitehouse and the Holiday committee planned the entertaining activties that included Evansville Trivia and an Ugly Sweater Contest. Evansville Rotary Club supported local, downtown businesses by purchasing gift cards from several small businesses to award as prizes. The winners are listed below.

  1. Cutest – Kate Reibel and her dog (River City Gift Card)
  2. Ugliest – Scott Hurt NASA light up (Posh Gift Card)
  3. Theme – Jim Spath Festivus  (Arts Council Art Gift Card)
  4. Participation – Scott Wylie (Bru Burger Gift Card) & Tim Black (2nd Language Gift Card) meme
  5. Trivia Winners – Rita and Richard Eykamp (Outside the Box Gift Card)

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