Dr. James Porter of Deaconess Health Addresses Evansville Rotary

Dr. James R. Porter, President of Deaconess Health gave an insightful program yesterday, helping us to better understand the Covid-19 information. He stated that in addition to providing care for the people that Deaconess serves, they have tried to keep people informed. There has been ongoing calaboration with St. Vincent, the Health Dept., and our community leaders with regular phone calls.  The calls were conducted daily and are now every 3 days.  Dr. Porter stated that this type of calaboration is a real reflection of who we are as a community.

Because of time restraints, Dr. James Porter was not able to answer all the questions that were asked by Rotarians.  However, he did respond via email after the program. 
Rotarian Kate Reibel asked, “When Stage 4 begins and face coverings are optional (per the state) do you anticipate an uptick in positive COVID-19 tests?”
Here is the response from Dr. Porter:
Until there is a vaccine more interpersonal contact and less PPE will inevitably result in more transmission of the virus.

Up to 45% of otherwise healthy individuals are asymptomatic when infected.  At this point we don’t know if more people were diagnosed because they had risk factors and development symptomatic infection or if it is due to more person to person spread.  It is likely a combination.  More spread is due to more person to person contact and or less physical distancing and less mask use.  The only way you can catch it is unprotected exposure to another contagious person or from a surface they have contaminated.

To view the program in it’s entirety, copy the password, click on the link and paste the password when prompted.
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