Sept. 22 Rotary/Rotaract Volunteer Day at Community Build at Mickey’s Kingdom

Mickey’s Kingdom Playground is set to become a main attraction of the Evansville riverfront upon it’s completion, and organizers are giving residents a real sense of ownership by inviting them to be a part of the building process during a 10 day community build beginning Saturday, September 14th!

Companies, church groups, youth groups, families, and individuals are all welcome to stop by as many times as they can over the 10 day period and get their hands dirty digging holes, putting together and raising playground equipment, or any number of tasks that will be required to complete the project.

Rotary Club of Evansville along with Rotaract Club of Evansville will be volunteering on Saturday, September 22 from 8-11:30 a.m.

Sign up now to volunteer for Rotary/Rotaract day at the Mickey’s Kingdom Community Build on September 22, 8-11:30 a.m. Pick up your free Rotary Volunteer T shirt at the Rotary luncheon and wear it proudly on Saturday, September 22.