Rick Moore, Scott Wylie and Catherine Sickman Renner Receive Paul Harris Fellow Award

It has been a long tradition in the Rotary Club of Evansville for  the Immediate Past President to have the honor of presenting 3 PHF. 
Yesterday, Past President Cullen Stanley presented the emblems of the Paul Harris Fellow award to Rick Moore, Scott Wylie and Cathy Sickman Renner.  
Like these Rotarians, YOU can become a Paul Harris Fellow, or present a Paul Harris Fellow to someone else by contributing $1000 or more to the Rotary International Foundation.  This can be a one-time gift or multiple gifts over a period of years.  If you have made a contribution in the past and would like to know how close you are to meeting this goal, please reply to this email. Next week, President Christy Walker will explain a little more about becoming a Paul Harris Fellow.