George Honig Bronze Plaque presented to Evansville Museum

As a part of the new Rotary Centennial Plaza at Mickey’s Kingdom Park, a new Rotary Civic Awards Recognition Wall was created to display the names of the past and future Civic award recipients. The previous wall, which stood for decades behind the Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science, was at capacity, without room for recent and future honorees. Through a gift from the estate of Evansville Rotary past president and Civic Award recipient, Dr. Ray W. Arensman, a new wall was created with room for over 40 more years of Civic Award winners. Husk Signs worked with the club to design the wall and remove the old wall from the Evansville Museum. One of the two matching bronze plaques from the old wall, created in 1927, by artist George H. Honig, was incorporated in the new design; the other plaque, was presented, on behalf of the club, to be included in the Evansville Museum’s art collection. Museum Curator Tom Lonnberg, accepted this artifact of our City’s history, today at the Annual Rotary Civic Award Luncheon. Thomas R. Lonnberg Curator of History accepted plaque on the museum’s behalf and gave a brief history of the work of George Honig, artist and historian.