Dec. 4 Holiday Luncheon and Trivia Challenge

RSVP NOW for the annual Rotary Holiday Luncheon in the beautiful Tropicana Pavilion.  Invite your friends, spouses and co-workers to join your Trivia Challenge Team or gather a team when you arrive!  Let Julie know the name of your team and a sign will be placed on your table.
Guest lunches are $20.
We will be passing the hat for Youth First. If you prefer to donate items, see the list of suggested items below.
School Supplies, especially:
*         Dry erase markers
*         Colored pencils
*         Washable magic markers
Games like:
*         Uno
*         Go Fish
*         Candyland
*         Checkers
*         Connect 4
Items like:
*         Stress balls
*         Stuffed animals
*         Jump ropes
*         Miniature figurines of all sorts